Press Clipping
The Blue Dahlia — Album Release

Dahlia Dumont's music is born of her not-so-secret double life between New York and Paris. She writes songs in English and French that draw from chanson, klezmer violin, reggae and tango and are arranged for accordion, horns, uke and percussion. Her new album, "La Tradition Américaine," was three years in the making and features both her Paris and her Brooklyn bands. The album release will also double as a farewell party as Dahlia is relocating full time to France and this should be her last Brooklyn show for a while.

Dahlia Dumont (vocals, ukulele, keys); George Saenz (accordion, trombone); Diego Cebollero (guitar); Yoshiki Yamada (bass); Joshua Castillo (drums); Zoe Aqua (violin), Berta Moreno (saxophone), Jackie Coleman (trumpet), ELANEF (beatbox, MC).